Write To Your Camper

Write To Your Camper

We’d love to encourage you to write a letter to your camper. It’s so exciting to get a letter, especially for the younger campers. Here are the particulars.

<Your Child’s Name- First & Last>
Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp, Inc.
738 Hickory Point Lane
Amery, WI 54001


2018 Departure Information

Dear Parents and Campers, Departure Day is just around the corner and we are excited to spend another year together at camp!

Departure Day, Saturday June 30th

When What
1:30 pm Campers arrive for check-in
2:30 pm Prayer service in Church
3:00 pm Depart for Camp
5:00 pm Arrive at Camp

Camper check-in is at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church (3450 Irving Ave, Minneapolis).  Please arrive with plenty of time to check-in, meet your counselors for the week and get your luggage loaded. The South lot will be blocked off for the buses, but the North lot and on-street parking will be available for you.

Please review our Packing & Preparation document for UPDATED dress code expectations, packing list, and a sample schedule to help you prepare for a fun-filled week. Also, please review the Camper Behavior Contract (to be reviewed and signed by both parent and camper) and the Medication Form (up to date information on any prescriptions) if applicable, both of which will also be available and are to be turned in at the check-in table.

We would like to remind all campers and parents that cell phones, iPods, tablets and laptops are prohibited at Camp, so please leave them at home.

If your camper is not going to be riding the bus to or from camp and you did not include this information during registration – please contact camp@stmaryscamp.com with the details of when they are arriving/departing and who will be dropping them off/picking them up. If you are driving your camper to camp and arriving the same approximate time as the buses, please look for a member of our staff at the Arts & Crafts building to check-in and find your housing assignment.  Please note- we will not have staff on site at WAPO until 4pm- Pls do not arrive earlier than that. 


Return Day, Friday July 6th

When What
2:00 pm Buses Depart Camp Wapo
4:00 pm Expected arrival at St. Mary’s Greek

We will post on FB/ Twitter if we run into any delays on returning.

Finally, we would like to remind all of our participating parishes that St. Mary’s Camp strongly discourages visitors.   Please help us insure the safety of our campers by avoiding unscheduled visits.


Any questions or concerns, please contact camp@stmaryscamp.com


Welcome to the Registration Website!

Welcome to the Registration Website!

Here is the step-by-step process to help you register:

1) Create Account

If you haven’t created a login yet, you will need to do so. To do so, visit the Login link in the menu, enter your email address, first and last name and click Register. You’ll only need to do this onceIf you already have a login, skip to Step 3, Registering your child.

3) Register Children

When your Family Profile is complete, and if registration is open for camp, you’ll see a Register link next to your Children (Go to Accont Family Profile). Click the Register link, and complete the form.

2) Complete Family Profile

You’ll need to complete your Family Profile. To do so, Login to the site, visit the Account > Family Profile link in the menu, and add at least one Child, Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contact.

4) Pay For Camp

Once you have one or more registrations, you can click on the Proceed to Checkout. Provide your billing details, select a payment method, and checkout. That’s it. You’re done.


The menu at the top of the page gives you access to information about our camp programs, Summer Camp (and related content), Family Camp (and related content) as well as Login and Account information (if you’re logged in.)

In addition, we offer search functionality to allow you to look for specific content on the site.

Family Profile

All of the information you need to provide for camp registration will be managed on the Family Profile page (available from the Account menu when you’re logged in.). The Family Profile allows you to add people to your profile (children, parents and/or guardians, and emergency contacts.)

In order to complete a Family Profile, you must have at least one child, one parent (yourself), and one non-parent emergency contact. Until you provide this information, you will not be able to register a child for camp.

Account Detail

When you create an Account, you’ll provide very little information. When you execute a transaction (pay for camp) you’ll provide additional information in order to complete the transaction. That information will be stored, but your credit card information will not.


St. Mary’s GOC Annual Waiver

St. Mary’s GOC families: looking to complete your child’s annual waiver/authorization? Start with signing in, click on “Account” in the upper right corner, then click on Family Profile. Please first add Parents/Guardians, then add Children (if not already listed), then proceed to fill out Waivers for each child.