St. Mary’s Virtual Summer Camp

It is our great pleasure to start the rollout of the St. Mary’s Camp Program for 2020. As we will be unable to attend in person this year, we are putting together a virtual program that will run from June 28- August 8th. Camp this year will include a variety of events handled through a few different platforms. We will have activities that can be done at home on your own, events such as sermons that can be livestreamed or watched at your convenience either on your own or with your whole family and interactive opportunities for those entering grades 3-12 next fall with your cabin -mates playing games, having discussions and just getting to bond together.  We understand that you may not be available for all camp events and that is ok, we want you to participate in as many as you are interested and available for.


It is FREE – there are no charges to participate. This makes it a great opportunity to not only get as much participation as possible from our wonderful returning campers but also a chance to pull in others within our church communities and introduce them to Summer Camp.


Interactive events with specific age groups/ cabins will be done through ZOOM. In order to help us plan for camper numbers, we are asking you to REGISTER. This process will take approximately 30 seconds. Registration can be done at anytime however, to get the Zoom links, updates, reminders etc you will need to be registered. Please do not wait until the last minute to register to give us time to send the link(s) out to you.


All activities as well as the link for registration will be found here, on our St. Mary’s Camp Virtual Page.  The interactive age group times scheduled are listed below and each weekend, we will release the schedule of all activities/ video’s/ etc being rolled out for the following week.  Follow our YouTube Channel and us on Facebook or Twitter to get all the latest camp fun.

3rd & 4th Grade –Tuesday’s 7pm- July 7, July 21st, & Aug 4th

5th Grade – Wednesday’s 1pm- July 1st, July 15th & July 29th

6th Grade- Thursday’s 1pm- July 9th, July 23rd & Aug 6th

7th &  8th Grade –Monday’s 1pm- June 29, July 13 & July 27th

9th  & 10th Grade – Tuesday’s 1pm- July 7, July 21st & Aug 4

11th Grade –Wednesday’s 1pm- July 8th, July 22nd& Aug 5th

12th Grade-  Tuesdays -7pm- June 30, July 14th & July 28th



Each week the next schedule will appear here as a link.  Remember the grade- specific events are handled through Zoom which you must register for.


Click on the link to see the schedule.