Family Camp Play-by-Play

Dear Friends, For those of you who want to learn more about the camp facilities and what happens at camp, check out this family camp overview.  Also, take a look at the Family Camp Q & A. If you would like to view the 2022 Family Camp Schedule, click on this link:...
Family Camp Packing List

Family Camp Packing List

You should always use your best judgement when packing for Family Camp. Remember that it’s only a weekend, and that it will likely be a few degrees colder than you think because of our proximity to the lake. Also, please remember that electronic games, boom boxes, personal stereos, handheld games, etc. are not allowed at Family Camp.

Family Camp FAQ

To grow, to learn, to have fun with your family and friends! For those who have sent their kids to camp, it is a great way for your children to share camp with you! For those who have been on the fence about sending your kids, it is a wonderful way for both parents and kids to preview and experience a slice of life at camp. Even though it is a different camp site than our Summer Camp, kids get an idea of what it is like to be at a camp with their church friends.